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What Is VelaShape III?

VelaShape III is designed by leading global aesthetic device company, Syneron Candela. It is the most recognized non-invasive, body contouring treatment on the market today. It combines radio frequency waves, a laser, and suctioning massage to effectively reduce the size of fat cells and re-contour the skin’s surface with no downtime. It works on all skin types and is most commonly used to reduce the appearance of cellulite in the abdomen, love handles, upper arms, hips, thighs, saddle bags, and buttocks.

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VelaShape III Treatment

Advantages of VelaShape III treatment over other fat reduction treatment:

  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite on selected areas
  • Coutour your body in those trouble spots that diet and exercise can’t reach
  • Comfortable, no –downtime procedure
  • Safe and effective for all skin types and colors. The ideal candidate is normal to overweight, with cellulite around the stomach, hips, and thighs.

It’s important to note that VelaShape III is not intended to be a treatment for weight loss, but instead for tightening and contouring the body. If you’re considering the procedure, you should be committed to a healthy diet and exercise regimen before and after the treatment in order to achieve the best results.

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